Scaleable hardware and software systems designed to keep campuses safe and secure.

Visitor Management System

Seamlessly screen, verify, and track the identity of all visitors on your campus.

Check In

Promote safety and security with a fully integrated campus monitoring platform that tracks student and staff entry/exit and building access.

Identity Solutions

Digital or hard-card identity management for all on-campus personnel fully integrated with Focus VMS and Check In.

How it Works

  • Screening
  • Visitor badge creation
  • Back end tracking
  • Check out process


Focus manages hundreds of thousands of cardholders with special card types, different expiration times, multiple templates, special fare and usage types, and multiple permissions.


We quickly change to focus on the needs of clients and the marketplace.


Skill, experience and expertise across multiple technology platforms and environments/sectors.

Corporate and HR Cards

Create and manage cards for internal use and security.


Unfaltering end-to-end support throughout every client relationship.

Loyalty and Membership Cards

Easy creation and distribution of premium cards for businesses that need loyalty programs or memberships.

Government ID scanning for name/address auto-populate

Photo capture

Sex offender screening

Visitor pre-registration and pre-screening via link or mobile app

Streamlined frequent check-in for parents for child student pickup and parent meetings

Streamlined frequent visitor check-in for contractors and other frequent site visitors

Screening questions wellness check

Internal banning workflow

Red list/green list option from network and district

Contact (phone and email) information capture

Paperless text, email, and mobile app visitor passes (optional paper pass printers)

Optional physical visitor passes/badges

Integration to back-end databases

Optional NFC smartphone tapping for contactless interaction (Q4 2020)